Crafted.Twitter - ASP.Net Web Form and MVC controls to help implement tweets on your site. API v1.1 compatible.
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This library contains a web form control and an MVC HtmlHelper extension to add a twitter feed to your projects, it contains built in cacheing and both synchronous and asynchronous options.

To implement this you will have to add the following app settings;

<!-- Crafted.Twitter settings -->
<add key="HandlerPath" value="~/TwitterHandler/"/>
<add key="TwitterAPIKey" value="" />
<add key="TwitterSecretKey" value="" />
<add key="TwitterAccessToken" value="" />
<add key="TwitterSecretToken" value="" />
<add key="TwitterCacheEnabled" value="true"/>
<add key="TwitterCacheDuration" value="20"/>

You will need to generate the key and token values from your twitter account.

Web forms control ref:

<Crafted.Twitter:Timeline id="twitFeed" runat="server" CssClass="twitter-container" TweetCount="1" ShowReplies="true" ShowReTweets="false" ScreenName="" ListName="" 

None of these parameters are required, if the screenname is not specified it will fetch tweets associated with the authentication details.

MVC include:

@Html.RenderTwitterFeed(3, false, false, true, "", "", "")

The parameters are as follows;

int tweetCount
bool showReplies
bool includeRetweets
bool isAsync = false
string screenName = null
string listName = null
string CssClass = "tweet-container"

If the screenname property is left as null then it will fetch tweets associated with the authentication details, if a list name is supplied then the tweets will be selected from the list and the showReplies flag will be ignored.

The markup that the twitter feed outputs as is wrapped in a <ul> and is as follows;
<div class="tweet-container">
            <div class="user-container">
                <a class="user-link" target="_blank" href="{User.Identifier.ScreenName}">
                    <img class="user-image" src="{User.ProfileImageUrl}">
            <div class="tweet-container">
                <a target="_blank" href="{User.Identifier.ScreenName}" class="tweet-screenName">{User.Identifier.ScreenName}</a>
                <p class="tweet-content">{Text:RichText}</p>
                <span class="tweet-date">{CreatedAt:Date}</span>
                <span class="tweet-time-passed">{CreatedAt:TimePassed}</span>