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I created this simple tool to secure install/update from Google servers the latest Chromium snapshot version and it works fine both on Linux and Windows with only 2 dependencies (7 including children). It start downloading the latest snapshot file from then will unzip the files inside /opt/chromium/ (Linux) or C:\Program Files\Chromium (Windows) using a module called yauzl. I'm open sourcing it after I have used it for around 2 years now without any problems. The code is extremely easy to read btw.

How to use

  1. Install from NPM globally using: npm install -g chromium-installer
  2. Set keys once either for Linux (nonroot) ./scripts/ or Windows .\scripts\set-API-Keys-Windows.bat
  3. Download & install as admin/root using the following command chromium-installer-updater

Linux (sandbox crash)

There is a bug where sandboxing may not work and make Chromium crash. Some linux distributions does not support unprivileged user namespaces and may need the following kernel tweak.

sysctl -w kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone=1

*May Compromise System Security


  • OSX Support
  • Make it default browser using a script
  • Better terminal UI
  • API version
  • Create desktop shortcuts
  • Reach 100% Code Coverage


Linux Debian Stretch 9 (Gnome Shell 3.22.3)

Windows 10 (1709)

Nodejs 11.9.0

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