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  • Remove the Deployment module from Object.

    If anyone is relying on the behavior of placing their deployment block in a required file then they will first need to manually add the module back to the Object class themselves. Polluting Object is generally bad.

    Josh Goebel

  • Add support for specifying the Net::SSH keys property

    Chris Kimpton

  • push_text was escaping & and / when it should not be

    Stefano Diem Benatti

  • Sprinkle sudo_cmd and Capistrino should work together instead of getting in each others way

    When using the capistrano actor sudo_cmd will now use the capistrano generated sudo command and therefore automatically deal with password prompts, etc. This should fix hangs when installers try to call sudo on the other side of a pipe operation and capistrano can not recognize the password prompt.

  • Sprinkle executable should return an error code if there was a failure

    Michael Nigh

  • verify of local actor was never returning false so installers would never be executed

    Edgars Beigarts

  • Capistrano actor now defaults to loading "Capfile" not "deploy" when no block is given. If for some reason you just have a 'deploy' file in your root folder you should capify . your setup and move your deploy.rb file into the config folder. Or you can provide a block with recipe 'deploy' to force the old behavior.

    Josh Goebel

  • Capistrano actor now uses the configured setting of run_method, instead of always sudo. The default Capistrano setup prefers sudo, so nothing should change for most users. If you want to NOT use sudo to run commands you can set use_sudo or run_method accordingly in your capistrano recipes: set :use_sudo, false or set :run_method, :run

    Michael Nigh