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Java 0 0


Dynmap Integration for Craft Inc. Gates

Updated Feb 7, 2014

Java 3 4


forked from bladedpenguin/minecraft-ancient-gates

A minimalistic yet powerfull portal plugin for the minecraft bukkit mod.

Updated Feb 7, 2014

Shell 0 0


Helpful scripts for managing a bukkit server and other useful things.

Updated Dec 10, 2013

Java 2 1


A border protection plugin for bukkit. All players (except those with ignoreborders permission) cannot go beyond the border.

Updated Dec 4, 2013

Java 0 9


forked from RLHawk1/WorldInventories

We will revive this project soon!

Updated Aug 10, 2013

Java 0 0


A Bukkit plugin where players can build an in-game replicator to replicate unlimited amounts of specific items.

Updated Mar 19, 2013


forked from ryanhamshire/GriefPrevention

Updated Feb 17, 2013

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