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The Craftr build system (work in progress).
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The Craftr build system

Craftr is a modular software build system written in Python that has native support for C/C++, C#, Cython, Java and other languages. Craftr uses Ninja as its build backbone.

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Current State

The core functionality is working and there is moderate support for C# and Java, as well as some for C/C++, Haskell, OCaml and Vala – however the interfaces for build scripts can change any time. The main goal at the moment is to implement/improve support for the following languages:

  • C/C++ (GCC, Clang, MSVC)
  • Java (better Java 9 module support)

Some reference implementations are available in previous Craftr versions and prototypes (namely 2.0, v3.0.0-pre1 and v3.0.0-pre2).

Copyright © 2015-2018   Niklas Rosenstein

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