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Install this package via the MODX package manager.

Alternatively, you can download a package zip file from the source code's "builds" directory:

This package REQUIRES PHP 5.3 and MODX 2.3 or Greater

Advanced Installation (Developers Only)

This package was built using Repoman (

To install the package using Repoman:

  1. Install Repoman

  2. Clone this project into a directory inside your MODX webroot:

    git clone

  3. Run composer install to generate the autoload files:

    cd path/to/taxonomies/ composer install

  4. Run the Repoman "install" utility on the newly created taxonomies directory:

    php path/to/repoman/repoman install path/to/taxonomies/

This will create the necessary objects and custom tables.

Note: if you are installing to a MAMP environment, you must be especially careful of the permissions. It is recommended to run the repoman installation as the admin user (i.e. the same privileged user that Apache will run as).

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