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MonoGame.Extended Logo


MonoGame.Extended is a set of utilities (in the form of libraries/tools) to MonoGame that makes it easier to make games. Choose what you want, the rest stays out of your way. It makes MonoGame more awesome.

Build, Test, Deploy Docs

Getting started

Code is distributed as NuGet packages in the form of libraries (.dll files). You can easily install the NuGet packages into your existing MonoGame project using the NuGet Package Manager UI in Visual Studio or by using the command line interface (CLI) in a terminal.

🔧 CLI dotnet add package MonoGame.Extended

🔨 To use the content pipeline extensions, you will need to edit your .mgcb file to reference the .dll. To see an example of how to do this with NuGet see the samples at The important pieces are the NuGet.config file and the .mgcb file.

👀 To access pre-releases including rolling builds of the repository after every commit or PR commit, you can see add the NuGet feed See with the NuGet.config file for an example of how to setup the feed.

Where to next?


We're in the process of developing MonoGame.Extended 4.0! Stay tuned.

Patreon Supporters

Thanks to all those that support the project on Patreon! You're helping to keep the project alive. image

Special thanks

As a reward to some of my patrons I've linked thier websites here:

If you're not on the list and you should be please let me know!

Also thanks to:


MonoGame.Extended is released under the The MIT License (MIT).