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MonoGame.Extended is an extension to the MonoGame framework that makes it easier to make games. It's a collection of packages designed to let you choose what you want without getting in your way.

It makes MonoGame more awesome.

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Getting started

The libraries are distributed as NuGet packages and can be installed into your existing MonoGame project using your favorite NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, or MonoDevelop.

For example:

Install-Package MonoGame.Extended

Once you've installed one or more of the main packages you might also want to install the Content Pipeline extensions.

To do this you'll need to manually reference the MonoGame.Extended.Content.Pipeline.dll in the MonoGame Content Pipeline Tool because it doesn't support NuGet directly.

Alternately, if you want to try the latest and greatest you might want to build from source.

Where to next?


We're in the process of developing MonoGame.Extended 2.0!

There may be some confusion, pain and disruption for a while. Here's what you need to know:

  • Everything that used to be in the develop branch is now in master
  • NuGet packages built from master have been published to as version 1.1
  • There's lots of breaking changes happening to create a cleaner more useful API
  • From now on we're going to (attempt) to use Git Flow
  • We're now using cake builds so that you can build everything (including the NuGet packages) locally
  • We're migrating everything to .NET Standard!

Patreon Supporters

Thanks to all those that support the project on Patreon! You're helping to keep the build server up and running allowing me to devote more of my time to the project.


Special thanks

As a reward to some of my patrons I've linked thier websites here:

If you're not on the list and you should be please let me know!

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Design goals

  • The primary goal is to make it easier to make games.
  • Choose the features you like and the rest stays out of your way.
  • A clean and consistent API familiar to MonoGame developers.
  • It's not a game engine, but extends the framework.
  • Follow C# coding guidelines.


MonoGame.Extended is released under the The MIT License (MIT).