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NSS Final Capstone - LiteSupport - Front-End Repo
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LiteSupport - Front-End Repo

This is the front-end of my final capstone project at Nashville Software School. LiteSupport is a small scale version of a customer support / issue tracking system. Employees can create customers, new employees, tickets and comment on tickets as they track design requests and/or bug fixes in their customers' websites.

The front-end uses technologies including AngularJS and for authentication.

View The Back-End Repo

Viewing the ticket list. LiteSupport Ticket List

Viewing a ticket. You can edit the main ticket details, or add a comment. LiteSupport Ticket

Viewing the customer list. LiteSupport Customer List

Viewing a customer. You can also edit customer details. LiteSupport Customer

Viewing the employee list. LiteSupport Employee List

Viewing an employee. You can also edit employee details. LiteSupport Employee

Adding a new ticket. LiteSupport Adding a Ticket

Adding a new ticket. The dropdown automatically populates all current customers. LiteSupport Adding a Ticket

You can also add new employees and customers, similar to how you enter a new ticket. Later features will be added to track or show reports for all of this information.

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