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Image Processing Scripts to quantify Temporary Shelters in Haiti

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This project is an experiment in using simple image processing techniques
on satellite images downloaded from Google Maps in order to quantify the
relative density of temporary shelters in adjacent qudarants.

The initial focus of this work is Port-au-Prince in Haiti where there are
large numbers of slum dwellings, many of which appear to be covered in blue
plastic tarpaulins. These provide a very distinctive feature which can be

Take a look at my write up of the approach in the file

The image processing code is written in Python and uses the python interface
to the excellent OpenCV library ( The code for downloading
images is written in Ruby.

This code is made freely available under the terms of the MIT license.

The github repository is

If you have any questions or comments please contact me
- Robert Jones (

  The OpenCV library with python bindings must be installed

Fetching segments of satellite images from Google maps

  This URL will fetch a 640x640 pixel image centered on the latitude and longitude
  at a zoom level of 19:,-72.339585&zoom=19&size=640x640&maptype=satellite&sensor=false

  See google documentation for more information
  A zoom level of 19 (at least in terms of imagery in Haiti) corresponds to
  approximately 180 meters on the ground

Example images

  See the files test_image_1.png and test_image_2.png for two example images
  Google owns the copyright to these images - I will be happy to remove them
  upon request

  Alternatively, use variants of the URL given above to fetch other images

  This script processes an input image and outputs the area of blue pixels along with
  two derived images - a one bit deep (binary) thresholded image showing blue areas
  as white on black
  - and the original images in which blue regions are outlined in red.
  A stripped down version of that simply returns the total area
  of blue regions

  A Ruby script that generates URLs to fetch adjacent image tiles that make up a
  matrix. The script fetches those images, computes blue regions inn each and outputs
  the results as a CSV file.


Image Processing Scripts to quantify Temporary Shelters in Haiti






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