Generate a standup report from Tyme2 using AppleScript
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Tyme2 Daily Standup Report sample ui

Generate a morning standup report from Tyme2 using AppleScript

The applescript fetches yesterdays work from Tyme2 and returns it in a format ready for a Slack standup channel. On Monday, it will fetch all tasks over the weekend as well.

Quick start

Add the bin folder to your path and then run standup.

export PATH="/Users/craig/Projects/tyme2-standup/bin:$PATH"

This will fetch tasks from your previous day (with special weekend handling) and will prompt you for todays tasks. Press enter to stop entering new tasks. It will then prompt you about any blockers you're experiencing. Press enter to have none. Once you've finished with the prompts, the morning standup report will be in your clipboard and ready to share.


$ standup
- PR Review: #1045 Update report overview screen
- Company Meetings: All Hands Meeting
- PR Review: #45 Improve sample logo failure message
- Maintenance: Created #78 to add backoff rate to AWS connection
- Meet with Steven about CMS integrations
- Bring work on #7364 for image processing
- None


  • Open the Script Editor application in OSX and open the daily-standup.applescript file.
  • Drag the Tyme2 application icon onto the Script Editor icon in the dock so that you can see the API that the app offers. Also check the reference at Tyme2 Scripting
  • Edit the file
  • Choose File > Export... and then choose the bin/daily-standup.scpt file and be sure to change the File Format to Script
  • -OR-
  • Run the compile script found in this repo

Tyme2 Tips

This helper runs on Tyme2. Using Tyme2 efficiently is key to liking this system. I've found that setting it up properly is key.

  1. Add global hotkeys to start and stop tasks
  2. Prompt me for a task note when I start a task
  3. Enable iCloud sync so I can work from several computers or track via my phone
  4. Setup your projects and tasks to match your work

1. Hotkey Preferences

Hotkey Preferences
This allows you to quickly start and stop tasks and record time.

2. General Preferences

General Preferences
This prompts you when you start a task. You should start each task with a purpose and the things you plan to accomplish. You can add a link to Trello card or a GitHub issue.

3. Synchronization

Enable iCloud Backup
I work from both a desktop and a laptop, and I like being able to make my morning report from either machine. This allows all of your devices to stay in sync.

4. Setup projects and tasks

You are free to setup your projects and tasks however you'd like. Keep in mind that the reporter will include the task name in the summary. I have a fairly extensive setup. I've found that this works for me and gives me nice charts and reports on the things that I've been working on. Tyme2 is a little more aimed at contractors than at individuals, so I tend to think of each major project as a client.