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(aka 'homecloud')

fakecloud is a lightweight cloud-init metadata server that makes it easy to run pre-built cloud OS images on plain old libvirt, without having to install openstack or similar.

It serves the data that cloud-init expects to fetch from a meta-data server at

Run it on your VM host(s), and add an iptables rule to redirect cloud-init requests to it. e.g. if fakecloud is running on localhost:3000:

iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -d -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 3000


  • reads data about VM hosts from a text file called ./hosts.txt. Format is vmname mac-address ip-address
  • sends gzip-compresssed multi-part MIME user-data with:
    • correct MIME Content-Type for text/cloud-config, text/x-shellscript
    • user-data common to all: ./userdata/all/*
    • host-specific user-data: ./userdata/vmname/*
    • default user-data for hosts without host-specific user-data: ./userdata/default/*
    • optional separate files for generic userdata, ssh host keys, ssh auth keys, and shellscripts e.g. ./userdata/all/shellscript or ./userdata/vmname/hostkeys.

Testing features:

  • outputs text/plain if the User-agent is Cloud-Init or Mojolicious (for command-line testing)
  • outputs text/html otherwise for testing with a web browser
  • allows ?host= override in URLs to see what meta-data and user-data a VM would get without having to reboot that VM.

Future plans:

  • get the metadata and user-data files from an SQL database, using DBI to allow for Postgresql, SQLite, MySQL etc
  • a web front end for editing VM host data

Written with perl and Mojolicious::Lite


meta-data server to enable running pre-built cloud VM images with just libvirt (or kvm or xen, etc)




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