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-<h1>404 Page not found</h1>
+<h1>404 Page not found</h1>
+<p>I've not long moved my site, so a few links might be broken.</p>
+<p>Chances are you're looking for one of these posts.</p>
+<p><a href="/2011/01/22/responsive-images-and-context-aware-image-sizing.html">Responsive Images and Context Aware Sizing</a></p>
+<p><a href="/2011/12/31/kindle-4-custom-screen-savers.html">Kindle 4 Custom Screen Savers</a></p>
+<p><a href="/2011/12/29/html5-reference-free-kindle-book.html">HTML5 Reference Free Kindle Book</a></p>
+<p><a href="/2011/09/03/samsung-galaxy-s2-tweaks.html">Samsung Galaxy S2 Tweaks</a></p>
+<p><a href="/2011/06/16/samsung-galaxy-s2-usb-storage-and-tethering-with-ubuntu.html">Samsung Galaxy S2 USB Storage and Tethering with Ubuntu</a></p>
+<p>All my other writings can be found in the <a href="/blog">blog</a></p>

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