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Port of Solarized Colour Theme to Gnome GEdit
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Solarized - Gedit

Solarized Colour Theme ported to GEdit

Colour Theme by Ethan Schoonover

GEdit Theme created by Craig Russell

Project Abandoned

I'm no longer maintaining this project as I haven't used GEdit as a code editor in several years.

I have received reports that there are some incompatibility issues with later versions of GEdit, your mileage using this may vary.


Dark theme

Dark theme screenshot

Light theme

Light theme screenshot


  1. Copy the xml files to ~/.gnome2/gedit/styles/
  2. In GEdit: Edit > Preferences > Font & Colors
  3. Click Add
  4. Browse to ~/.gnome2/gedit/styles/
  5. Select the styles files

Thats it!

Email me with any comments

Alternatively, fork the repo and hit me with pull requests for refinements.

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