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A set of python scripts used to gather comment data from Reddit, analyze it, and visualize the data
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This repo contains the code used to analyze Reddit comments about the Github acquisition by Microsoft. You can view the full article here [ADD LINK].

How to use this repo

First create a file. It should contain the following information with the following variable names:

  • username = Your Reddit Username
  • password = Your Reddit password
  • client_id = Reddit Client ID
  • client_secret = Reddit Client Secret
  • plotly_username = Plotly username
  • plotly_api_key = Plotly api key

Then run the scripts in this order, I'll also provide a quick explanation of what each does.

  • : Uses PRAW to gather reddit comments that talk about Microsoft and Github from your subreddit of choice
  • : Runs all the saved comments through Google Cloud's Natural Language Processor
  • : Plots all the data in nice looking graphs using
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