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A gallery extension for refinerycms to display page images

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Jquery Gallery extension for Refinery CMS.

This extension uses the jquery Gallery View plugin to render a set of images in refinerycms.

This gallery works well with the refinerycms-page-images extension, but it does not automatically display a gallery of page images. Installing this extension basically does nothing at all unless you load the _gallery.html.haml template.

This template must be given a local "page" object, but actually this doesn't have to be a Refinery::Page, it could be anything that supports a method called "images" that returns an array of image objects which in turn can supply a url via "image.thumbnail("570x270#c").url".

If you wish to do this with all pages, simply add a call to this _gallery partial in your _content_page partial:

<%= render 'refinery/jquery_gallery/gallery', :page => @page %>


Simply install the gem. There is no generator or migrations.

Add the javascript to your application.js

//= require refinerycms_jquery_gallery

You probably want to add a reference to the stylesheet "refinerycms_jquery_gallery" in your application.css.

How to build this extension as a gem

gem build refinerycms-jquery_gallery.gemspec

# Sign up for a account and publish the gem
gem push refinerycms-jquery_gallery.gem


This code us available under the MIT licence. See attached licence file for full details.


Craig Ambrose

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