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lua-gumbo is a HTML5 parser and DOM library for Lua. It originally started out as a set of Lua bindings for the Gumbo C library, but has now absorbed an improved fork of it.



To install the latest release via LuaRocks, first ensure the requirements listed above are installed, then use the command:

luarocks install gumbo

Note: The 0.4 release only supports Unix-like systems. However, the current git master branch has support for Windows (via CMake), which will be available in the next release.


The gumbo module provides a parse function and a parseFile function, which both return a Document node containing a tree of descendant nodes. The structure and API of this tree mostly follows the DOM Level 4 Core specification.

For full API documentation, see:


The following is a simple demonstration of how to find an element by ID and print the contents of it's first child text node.

local gumbo = require "gumbo"
local document = gumbo.parse('<div id="foo">Hello World</div>')
local foo = document:getElementById("foo")
local text = foo.childNodes[1].data
print(text) --> Hello World

Note: this example omits error handling for the sake of simplicity. Production code should wrap each step with assert() or some other, application-specific error handling.

See also: