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Getting the MedRec Sample Application files

  1. Install WebLogic. Be sure to select the option to include the samples.
  2. Copy medrec.ear, physician.ear to this directory
cp $ORACLE_HOME/wlserver/samples/server/medrec/dist/standalone/medrec.ear .
cp $ORACLE_HOME/wlserver/samples/server/medrec/dist/standalone/physician.ear .
  1. Copy medrec-data-import.jar and medrec-domain.jar to the seed directory. We will need to use these when we seed the data for the MedRec application
cp $ORACLE_HOME/wlserver/samples/server/medrec/dist/modules/medrec-data-import.jar seed/.
cp $ORACLE_HOME/wlserver/samples/server/medrec/dist/modules/medrec-domain.jar seed/.

Building this sample

docker build -t medrec-monolith .

Running this sample

docker run -d -p 7001:7001 --name medrec medrec-monolith 

Seeding the data

docker exec -ti medrec /bin/bash -c "java -classpath \$ORACLE_HOME/seed/medrec-data-import.jar:\$ORACLE_HOME/seed/medrec-domain.jar:\$ORACLE_HOME/wlserver/common/derby/lib/derbyclient.jar:\$ORACLE_HOME/wlserver/server/lib/weblogic.jar"

Accessing our application

We can access our application at http://localhost:7001/medrec