Service for students to view and rate co-ops for companies of all types.
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Cooper, your co-op companion!

Rate My Co-op is a new service built to allow students to look up information about companies. Search for (and add more) companies, read reviews, and add your own experiences from which others can benefit.


Deployment status from

Technology Stack

The application is a fairly standard stack consisting of Node.js,, AngularJS, and Semantic UI.

Getting started

To get the entire stack running, you must set up your client and your backend.

Client Setup

All of the client stuff is in the client directory Assuming you have node, bower, grunt and grunt-cli installed

cd client/
npm install
bower install
grunt serve

On success, bower should open up your browser to the default :9000 port.

Backend Setup

A lot of it is abstracted, so just run:

npm install   # To install dependencies
npm start     # To run the server with sample data in memory

The result is an in memory local database with limited initial test data on port :3000. Head to http://localhost:3000/explorer to see and interact with the API explorer.

OS X 10.10

  1. Start by installing homebrew (following all instructions).
  2. Next, execute brew install node.
  3. In the root of the repository directory, execute npm install.
  4. If you're only working on the backend, you can simply run node server/server.js.
  5. For frontend development, execute npm install -g bower grunt-cli.
  6. Change into the client/ directory and execute npm install.
  7. Finally, execute grunt serve to start the local development server.


We use the develop branching model. In order to submit pull requests, fork this repository and branch off of develop with a descriptive branch name such as ui-bugFix/loginForm. Finally, submit a pull request against the develop branch of this repository. Depending on how long it takes to get to the pull request, we may ask you to rebase, but we'll try to incorporate your changes as soon as possible!

Reporting Issues

Include a succinct title for your issue that gives a quick summary about the problem. It is extremely helpful if you include steps to reproduce the problem in the description (including environment information such as browser version).


Grunt serve fails with an infinite loop on the watch command:

  • Known Issue on Ubuntu

    • Fix: Increase the number of files allowed to be watched by a user

      • echo fs.inotify.max_user_watches=524288 | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf && sudo sysctl -p