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Simple Reddit Reader

Simple Reddit Reader using Flask and MongoDB.

  • Flask
  • MongoDB
  • PyMongo
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript

I love to read reddit. I'm on the reddit website daily. A majority of my news and information comes from reddit. But let's face it, their website looks awful. Like a reddit'er threw up their sushi lunch all over it.

To make reading reddit a bit more pleasurable, I have created this simple reddit reader.

The subreddits I read most regularly are stored as a dictionary in

I display the keys for the subreddit dict in the sidebar navigation as a means to filter the reddit data. I can pass the subreddit filter to the reddit_filter route and reduce the number of articles returned in the view.

You can also delete articles and duplicate entries.


  • improve filter
  • sort options
  • rework the get new stories function so it's not just a random choice of subreddits.