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# This script calls curl and checks known broken links from an input
# file and outputs a file of links that still failed.
# It's rought and ready with no error handling, enjoy.
# Where are your tools?
# Request the file to be read in
echo "Enter the path and file name that contains the broken URLs: "
read urls
# Request the output file
echo "Enter the full or relative path & file name for the list of still broken URLs:"
read broken
# Initialise the arrays
# Loop through the array
while read url ; do
# Let the use know what URL you're checking
echo "Now checking: $url"
# Set STATUS_CODE to use the curl command
STATUS_CODE=`$curl --output /dev/null --silent --head --write-out '%{http_code}\n' $url`
# Check all the URLs and if it's 404 let me know
case $STATUS_CODE in
#404) echo "$url returned $STATUS_CODE : Not Found" ;;
# Add the 404 URLs to the list of still broken URLs
404) echo $url >> $broken ;;
done < $urls
# Count the broken URLs
still_broken_URLs=`$wc -l $broken`
# Print the number of URLs checked
echo "Total URLs in the file: ${index}"
# Print the number of broken URLs still present
echo "Total URLs still broken: $still_broken_URLs"
exit 0