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APRSD - Ham radio APRS-IS Message plugin server


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APRSD is a Ham radio APRS message command gateway built on python.

APRSD listens on amateur radio aprs-is network for messages and respond to them. It has a plugin architecture for extensibility. Users of APRSD can write their own plugins that can respond to APRS-IS messages.

You must have an amateur radio callsign to use this software. APRSD gets messages for the configured HAM callsign, and sends those messages to a list of plugins for processing. There are a set of core plugins that provide responding to messages to check email, get location, ping, time of day, get weather, and fortune telling as well as version information of aprsd itself.

Please read the docs to learn more!

APRSD Overview Diagram

Typical use case

Ham radio operator using an APRS enabled HAM radio sends a message to check the weather. An APRS message is sent, and then picked up by APRSD. The APRS packet is decoded, and the message is sent through the list of plugins for processing. For example, the WeatherPlugin picks up the message, fetches the weather for the area around the user who sent the request, and then responds with the weather conditions in that area. Also includes a watch list of HAM callsigns to look out for. The watch list can notify you when a HAM callsign in the list is seen and now available to message on the APRS network.

Current List of built-in plugins:

└─> aprsd list-plugins
                                                           🐍 APRSD Built-in Plugins 🐍
┃ Plugin Name            ┃ Info                                                       ┃ Type         ┃ Plugin Path                               ┃
│ AVWXWeatherPlugin      │ AVWX weather of GPS Beacon location                        │ RegexCommand │   │
│ EmailPlugin            │ Send and Receive email                                     │ RegexCommand │           │
│ FortunePlugin          │ Give me a fortune                                          │ RegexCommand │ aprsd.plugins.fortune.FortunePlugin       │
│ LocationPlugin         │ Where in the world is a CALLSIGN's last GPS beacon?        │ RegexCommand │ aprsd.plugins.location.LocationPlugin     │
│ NotifySeenPlugin       │ Notify me when a CALLSIGN is recently seen on APRS-IS      │ WatchList    │ aprsd.plugins.notify.NotifySeenPlugin     │
│ OWMWeatherPlugin       │ OpenWeatherMap weather of GPS Beacon location              │ RegexCommand │    │
│ PingPlugin             │ reply with a Pong!                                         │ RegexCommand │             │
│ QueryPlugin            │ APRSD Owner command to query messages in the MsgTrack      │ RegexCommand │ aprsd.plugins.query.QueryPlugin           │
│ TimeOWMPlugin          │ Current time of GPS beacon's timezone. Uses OpenWeatherMap │ RegexCommand │ aprsd.plugins.time.TimeOWMPlugin          │
│ TimeOpenCageDataPlugin │ Current time of GPS beacon timezone. Uses OpenCage         │ RegexCommand │ aprsd.plugins.time.TimeOpenCageDataPlugin │
│ TimePlugin             │ What is the current local time.                            │ RegexCommand │ aprsd.plugins.time.TimePlugin             │
│ USMetarPlugin          │ USA only METAR of GPS Beacon location                      │ RegexCommand │       │
│ USWeatherPlugin        │ Provide USA only weather of GPS Beacon location            │ RegexCommand │     │
│ VersionPlugin          │ What is the APRSD Version                                  │ RegexCommand │ aprsd.plugins.version.VersionPlugin       │

                                     APRSD Installable Plugin Packages

                              Install any of the following plugins with pip install <Plugin Package Name>
┃ Plugin Package Name      ┃ Description                                                        ┃ Version ┃   Released   ┃ Installed? ┃
│ 📂 aprsd-stock-plugin    │ Ham Radio APRSD Plugin for fetching stock quotes                   │  0.1.2  │ Nov 9, 2021  │     No     │
│ 📂 aprsd-weewx-plugin    │ HAM Radio APRSD that reports weather from a weewx weather station. │  0.1.4  │ Dec 7, 2021  │     No     │
│ 📂 aprsd-telegram-plugin │ Ham Radio APRS APRSD plugin for Telegram IM service                │  0.1.2  │ Nov 9, 2021  │     No     │
│ 📂 aprsd-twitter-plugin  │ Python APRSD plugin to send tweets                                 │  0.3.0  │ Dec 7, 2021  │     No     │
│ 📂 aprsd-slack-plugin    │ Amateur radio APRS daemon which listens for messages and responds  │  1.0.4  │ Jan 15, 2021 │     No     │


pip install aprsd

Example usage:

aprsd -h


└─[$] > aprsd -h
Usage: aprsd [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --version   Show the version and exit.
  -h, --help  Show this message and exit.

  check-version  Check this version against the latest in
  completion     Click Completion subcommands
  dev            Development type subcommands
  healthcheck    Check the health of the running aprsd server.
  list-plugins   List the built in plugins available to APRSD.
  listen         Listen to packets on the APRS-IS Network based on FILTER.
  sample-config  This dumps the config to stdout.
  send-message   Send a message to a callsign via APRS_IS.
  server         Start the aprsd server gateway process.
  version        Show the APRSD version.



This command outputs a sample config yml formatted block that you can edit and use to pass in to aprsd with -c. By default aprsd looks in ~/.config/aprsd/aprsd.yml

aprsd sample-config


└─> aprsd sample-config
    # Set enabled to False if there is no internet connectivity.
    # This is useful for a direwolf KISS aprs connection only.

    # Get the passcode for your callsign here:
    enabled: true
    login: CALLSIGN
    password: '00000'
    port: 14580
    dateformat: '%m/%d/%Y %I:%M:%S %p'
        enabled: true
            debug: false
            login: IMAP_USERNAME
            password: IMAP_PASSWORD
            port: 993
            use_ssl: true
            debug: false
            login: SMTP_USERNAME
            password: SMTP_PASSWORD
            port: 465
            use_ssl: false
    - aprsd.plugins.fortune.FortunePlugin
    - aprsd.plugins.location.LocationPlugin
    - aprsd.plugins.query.QueryPlugin
    - aprsd.plugins.stock.StockPlugin
    - aprsd.plugins.time.TimePlugin
    - aprsd.plugins.version.VersionPlugin
    logfile: /tmp/aprsd.log
    logformat: '[%(asctime)s] [%(threadName)-20.20s] [%(levelname)-5.5s] %(message)s
        - [%(pathname)s:%(lineno)d]'
    rich_logging: false
    save_location: /Users/i530566/.config/aprsd/
    trace: false
    units: imperial
        alert_callsign: NOCALL
        alert_time_seconds: 43200
        callsigns: []
        enabled: false
        - aprsd.plugins.notify.NotifySeenPlugin
        packet_keep_count: 10
        enabled: true
        logging_enabled: true
        port: 8001
            admin: password-here
    callsign: NOCALL
        baudrate: 9600
        device: /dev/ttyS0
        enabled: false
        enabled: false
        host: direwolf.ip.address
        port: '8001'
        # Get the apiKey from your account here:
        apiKey: APIKEYVALUE
        # (Optional for AVWXWeatherPlugin)
        # Use hosted avwx-api here:
        # or deploy your own from here:
        apiKey: APIKEYVALUE
        base_url: http://host:port
        # (Optional for TimeOpenCageDataPlugin)
        # Get the apiKey from your opencagedata account here:
        apiKey: APIKEYVALUE
        # (Optional for OWMWeatherPlugin)
        # Get the apiKey from your
        # openweathermap account here:
        apiKey: APIKEYVALUE


This is the main server command that will listen to APRS-IS servers and look for incomming commands to the callsign configured in the config file

└─[$] > aprsd server --help
    Usage: aprsd server [OPTIONS]

      Start the aprsd server gateway process.

                                      The log level to use for aprsd.log
                                      [default: INFO]
      -c, --config TEXT               The aprsd config file to use for options.
      --quiet                         Don't log to stdout
      -f, --flush                     Flush out all old aged messages on disk.
                                      [default: False]
      -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.

└─> aprsd server
Load config
12/07/2021 03:16:17 PM MainThread      INFO     APRSD is up to date                                                         
12/07/2021 03:16:17 PM MainThread      INFO     APRSD Started version: 2.5.6                                                
12/07/2021 03:16:17 PM MainThread      INFO     Using CONFIG values:                                                        
12/07/2021 03:16:17 PM MainThread      INFO     ham.callsign = WB4BOR                                                       
12/07/2021 03:16:17 PM MainThread      INFO     aprs.login = WB4BOR-12                                                      
12/07/2021 03:16:17 PM MainThread      INFO     aprs.password = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                         
12/07/2021 03:16:17 PM MainThread      INFO =                                                  
12/07/2021 03:16:17 PM MainThread      INFO     aprs.port = 14580                                                           
12/07/2021 03:16:17 PM MainThread      INFO     aprs.logfile = /tmp/aprsd.log                                               


This command is typically used for development to send another aprsd instance test messages

└─[$] > aprsd send-message -h
Usage: aprsd send-message [OPTIONS] TOCALLSIGN COMMAND...

  Send a message to a callsign via APRS_IS.

                                  The log level to use for aprsd.log
                                  [default: INFO]
  -c, --config TEXT               The aprsd config file to use for options.
  --quiet                         Don't log to stdout
  --aprs-login TEXT               What callsign to send the message from.
                                  [env var: APRS_LOGIN]
  --aprs-password TEXT            the APRS-IS password for APRS_LOGIN  [env
                                  var: APRS_PASSWORD]
  -n, --no-ack                    Don't wait for an ack, just sent it to APRS-
                                  IS and bail.  [default: False]
  -w, --wait-response             Wait for a response to the message?
                                  [default: False]
  --raw TEXT                      Send a raw message.  Implies --no-ack
  -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.

Example output:

SEND EMAIL (radio to smtp server)

Received message______________
Raw         : KM6XXX>APY400,WIDE1-1,qAO,KM6XXX-1::KM6XXX-9 test new shortcuts global, radio to pc{29
From        : KM6XXX
Message     : test new shortcuts global, radio to pc
Msg number  : 29

Sending Email_________________
To          :
Subject     : KM6XXX
Body        : test new shortcuts global, radio to pc

Sending ack __________________ Tx(3)
Raw         : KM6XXX-9>APRS::KM6XXX   :ack29
To          : KM6XXX
Ack number  : 29

RECEIVE EMAIL (imap server to radio)

Sending message_______________ 6(Tx3)
Raw         : KM6XXX-9>APRS::KM6XXX email from internet to radio{6
To          : KM6XXX
Message     : email from internet to radio

Received message______________
Raw         : KM6XXX>APY400,WIDE1-1,qAO,KM6XXX-1::KM6XXX-9 :ack6
From        : KM6XXX
Message     : ack6
Msg number  : 0


Received Message _______________
Raw         : KM6XXX-6>APRS,TCPIP*,qAC,T2CAEAST::KM6XXX-14:location{2
From        : KM6XXX-6
Message     : location
Msg number  : 2
Received Message _______________ Complete

Sending Message _______________
Raw         : KM6XXX-14>APRS::KM6XXX-6 :KM6XXX-6: 8 Miles E Auburn CA 0' 0,-120.93584 1873.7h ago{2
To          : KM6XXX-6
Message     : KM6XXX-6: 8 Miles E Auburn CA 0' 0,-120.93584 1873.7h ago
Msg number  : 2
Sending Message _______________ Complete

Sending ack _______________
Raw         : KM6XXX-14>APRS::KM6XXX-6 :ack2
To          : KM6XXX-6
Ack         : 2
Sending ack _______________ Complete

AND... ping, fortune, time.....



While working aprsd, The workflow is as follows

  • checkout a new branch to work on
  • git checkout -b mybranch
  • Edit code
  • run tox -epep8
  • run tox -efmt
  • run tox -p
  • git commit ( This will run the pre-commit hooks which does checks too )
  • Once you are done with all of your commits, then push up the branch to github
  • git push -u origin mybranch
  • Create a pull request from your branch so github tests can run and we can do a code review.


To do release to pypi:

  • Tag release with

    git tag -v1.XX -m "New release"

  • push release tag up

    git push origin master --tags

  • Do a test build and verify build is valid

    make build

  • Once twine is happy, upload release to pypi

    make upload

Docker Container


There are 2 versions of the container Dockerfile that can be used. The main Dockerfile, which is for building the official release container based off of the pip install version of aprsd and the Dockerfile-dev, which is used for building a container based off of a git branch of the repo.

Official Build

docker build -t hemna6969/aprsd:latest .

Development Build

docker build -t hemna6969/aprsd:latest -f Dockerfile-dev .

Running the container

There is a docker-compose.yml file that can be used to run your container. There are 2 volumes defined that can be used to store your configuration and the plugins directory: /config and /plugins

If you want to install plugins at container start time, then use the environment var in docker-compose.yml specified as APRS_PLUGINS Provide a csv list of pypi installable plugins. Then make sure the plugin python file is in your /plugins volume and the plugin will be installed at container startup. The plugin may have dependencies that are required. The plugin file should be copied to /plugins for loading by aprsd