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Star Rating Component for Vue 2.x / 3.x

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A simple, highly customisable star rating component for Vue 2.x. / 3.x

Need more than stars? Check out vue-rate-it with hundreds of different raters built in!



See it in action:


  • SVG stars - scale without loss of quality.
  • Customisable rating increments.
  • Customisable colors.
  • Customisable number of stars.
  • Create read-only stars.


Install Via NPM

Install via npm:

Vue 2.x Install

npm install vue-star-rating

Vue 3.x Install

If you're using Vue 3 you will currently need to install the next version of vue-star-rating

npm install vue-star-rating@next

Once installed import in to your component:

import StarRating from 'vue-star-rating'

Then register vue-star-rating using the components option:

components: {

You can then use the following markup in your project:

<star-rating />


You may also include vue-star-rating directly in to your webpage via Unpkg. Simply add the following script tag:

Vue 2.x

<script src=""></script>

You will need to register the component by doing:

Vue.component('star-rating', VueStarRating.default);

Vue 3.x

<script src=""></script>

const app = Vue.createApp({ 
  // Your component code
app.component('star-rating', VueStarRating.default)

Getting Started

To get started with vue-star-rating you will want to sync the rating values between the component and parent, you can then take a look at the props and custom events section of the docs to customise your star-rating component.

Syncing Rating Values with V-Model

vue-star-rating supports v-model, which is the simplest way to keep your ratings in sync:

Vue 2.2+

<star-rating v-model="rating"></star-rating>

Vue 3.x

v-model works on the rating prop, so if you're using Vue 3 you will need to do:

<star-rating v-model:rating="rating"></star-rating>



The following props can be passed to the component:

General Props

These props provide general functionailty to the star rating component

Prop Description Default
increment The rating increment, for example pass 0.5 for half stars or 0.01 for fluid stars. Expects a number between 0.01 - 1. 1
rating The initial rating, this will automatically round to the closest increment, so for the most accurate rating pass 0.01 as increment or set the round-start-rating prop to false 0
max-rating The maximum rating, this lets vue-star-rating know how many stars to display 5
star-points The points defining a custom star shape.
If no points are passed the default star shape is used.
read-only When set to true, the rating cannot be edited. Use in conjuction with increment to define rounding precision. false
show-rating Whether or not to show the rating next to the stars true
fixed-points Specify a fixed number of digits after the decimal point. null
rtl Pass true to display star rating using rtl (right-to-left) false
round-start-rating Pass false if you don't want the start rating value to round to the closest increment. The user will still only be able to select based on the given increment. true

Style Props

These props are used to style the star rating component

Prop Description Default
star-size The size of each star, this gets passed to the SVG width attribute, so larger numbers are larger stars 50
inactive-color The color of the non-highlighted portion of a star. #d8d8d8
active-color The color of the highlighted portion of a star. #ffd055
border-color Sets the colour of the border for each star #999
border-width Sets the width of the border for each star 0
padding Pads the right of each star so distance between stars can be altered 0
rounded-corners Whether or not to round the star's corners false
inline Sets the star rating to display inline false
clearable When set to true a second click on the same rating clears the rating false
glow Adds a subtle glow around each active star, this should be a number to spread the glow (requires glow-color to be set) 0
glow-color Sets the color for the glow (note, this effect can be very subtle) null
text-class A css class name to style the rating text for a specific star rating component ''

Important: Vue requires you to pass numbers and boolean values using v-bind, any props that require a number or bool should use v-bind: or the colon (:) shorthand.

Props Example

<star-rating v-bind:increment="0.5"

Custom Events

vue-star-rating fires the following custom events, simply use v-on: or the @ shortand to capture the event.

Vue 2.x Events

Event Description Return Value
rating-selected Returns the rating the user selects via the click event rating
current-rating Returns the rating that the users mouse is currently over rating

Vue 2.x Example

<star-rating @rating-selected ="setRating"></star-rating>

Then in your view model:

new Vue({
  el: '#app',
  methods: {
    setRating: function(rating){
      this.rating= rating;
  data: {
    rating: 0

Vue 3.x Events

Some changes have been made to event names in Vue 3

Event Description Return Value
update:rating Returns the rating the user selects via the click event rating
hover:rating Returns the rating that the users mouse is currently over rating

Vue 3.x Example

<star-rating @update:rating ="setRating"></star-rating>

Then in your view model:

const app = Vue.createApp({
  methods: {
      this.rating= rating;
  data: {
    rating: 0
app.component('star-rating', VueStarRating.default)

IE9 Support

vue-star-rating supports IE 9+; make sure you place the following in the head of your webpage to ensure that IE is in standards mode:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge">

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