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Java-based calendar application that leverages existing standards (iCalendar) to create an open source cross-platform multi-user desktop calendar application.
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Version: 0.9.9-SNAPSHOT
Author: Craig Knudsen,
License: GNU GPL
Requires: Java 1.8 or later


The k5nCal is a desktop calendar application written in Java. You can maintain a local calendar and subscribe to multiple iCalendar-based calendars online.


This is a beta quality release. There are surely bugs, and there are some features not yet implemented.

Features not yet implemented:

  • Advanced recurrence rules (every other week, specific weekdays, etc.) You will be able to properly view events with advanced recurrence rules if they are imported or part of a subscribed calendar, but you cannot edit or create these type of events from k5nCal yet.
  • Modify in any way events from a subscribed calendar
  • Biews other than the 5-week month view
  • Many others... see the app home page and click on "Plans" to see what else will eventually be added.

Building from source

To build the source, you will need to use ant with the provided build.xml file.

To build with ant:


This build process will create the following jar file:


Running the App

To run the k5nCal application, you can double-click on the file in your file browser (Windows Explorer, Mac OS X Finder, etc.), or you can start it from the command line:

java -jar k5nCal-0.9.9-SNAPSHOT.jar


This application and all associated tools and applications are licensed under the GNU General Public License.

For information about this license:

3rd Party Packages

This package makes use of the following packages. The class files from these packages are bundled into the k5nCal jar file, so you do NOT need to download them separately.

Package License
k5n Java Calendar Tools GNU GPL
Joda Time Apache License 2.0
k5n AccordionPane GNU GPL
Google RFC2445 Apache License 2.0
Java CSV Library LGPL
JCalendar LGPL
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