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@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
WebCalendar README

Project Home Page:
Project Home Page:
Project Owner: Craig Knudsen,
- [System Administrator's Guide]( (Installation instructions, FAQ)
@@ -152,11 +152,8 @@ <h2>Introduction</h2>
<a name="requirements"></a>
<h2>System Requirements</h2>
<li>PHP 4.1 - PHP 5: some features specific version:
<li>two-way iCalendar sync: PHP 4.3+ </li>
<li>hCalendar importing: PHP 5+ </li>
<li>PHP 7.1 or later: PHP 7.0 and 5.X are no longer supported since
it has reach <a href="">end-of-life status</a>
<li>Database (see <a href="#database">below</a>)</li>
<li>CSS-enabled browser:
@@ -171,37 +168,29 @@ <h2>System Requirements</h2>
<li>If not using HTTP-based authentication,
then browser cookies are required</li>
<li>pilot-link (if exporting to Palm):
<a href=""></a>&nbsp;<a href="" title="Open in new window" target="_new"><img src="newwin.gif" alt="new" class="newwin"></a></li>
<p><a name="database">You must have one of the following databases installed</a>:</p>
<li>Oracle 8+</li>
<li>MS SQL Server</li>
<li>SQLLite (PHP5)</li>
<li>IBM DB2 </li>

<p class="ptip"><span class="tip">TIP</span>PHP ODBC includes support for Adabas D, Solid
and Sybase SQL Anywhere as well as ODBC. PHP5 comes bundled with
<p class="ptip"><span class="tip">TIP</span>
PHP comes bundled with
SQLite support. SQLite is an embedded file-based database. If your
hosting service supports PHP5, you should be able to create as
hosting service supports PHP, you should be able to create as
many SQLite databases as you like (since each database is just
a file).</p>
<p>For the database you choose, you must have its drivers built into
PHP. For example, to use MySQL, PHP must be compiled with MySQL
support (which is the default setting when installing PHP).
See the PHP pages (<a href=""></a>&nbsp;<a href="" title="Open in new window" target="_new"><img src="newwin.gif" alt="new" class="newwin"></a>)
for more information on setting up PHP.</p>
<p>No optional PHP packages (other than MySQL) are required for this
application. However, PHP should be compiled with <tt>--enable-track-vars</tt>
on some systems.</p>
<p class="ptip"><span class="tip">TIP</span>If you want to use gradient background
images, PHP must be compiled with the GD library. </p>

@@ -213,8 +202,8 @@ <h2>System Requirements</h2>
For traditional HTTP authentication, PHP must be built as an Apache
<p>If you are planning on using email reminders, you will need to build
PHP as a CGI in order to run the <tt>send_reminders.php</tt> script. I would
strongly recommend building a module-based PHP for your web server
PHP as a CGI in order to run the <tt>send_reminders.php</tt> script. It
is recommended to have a module-based PHP for your web server
and then a second PHP build to create the CGI version.</p>
<p class="ptip"><span class="tip">TIP</span> Some Linux distributions come with both a module-based PHP
with Apache and a standalone PHP binary.
@@ -267,7 +256,7 @@ <h3>WebCalendar Installation Wizard: Step 1</h3>
<table cellpadding="2">
<tr><th>Prerequisite Failed</th><th>Recommended Solution</th></tr>
<td>PHP 4.1.0 or greater</td>
<td>PHP 7.1 or greater</td>
<td>Upgrade your PHP installation</td>
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ class WebCalMailer extends phpmailer{
// Turn on SMTP authentication.
$this->SMTPAuth = ( $SMTP_AUTH == 'Y' );
$this->SMTPSecure = "tls";
$this->SMTPDebug = 2;
$this->SMTPDebug = 0;
$this->Username = $SMTP_USERNAME; // SMTP username.
$this->Password = $SMTP_PASSWORD; // SMTP password.
@@ -934,7 +934,7 @@ function chkPassword() {
<body' . ( empty( $onload ) ? '' : ' onload="' . $onload . '"' ) . '>';
if( empty( $_SESSION['step'] ) || $_SESSION['step'] < 2 ) {
$class = ( version_compare( phpversion(), '4.1.0', '>=' ) ? '' : 'not' )
$class = ( version_compare( phpversion(), '7.1.0', '>=' ) ? '' : 'not' )
. 'recommended';
echo '
<table border="1" width="90%" class="aligncenter">

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