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Setting Up An Event Calendar

Craig Knudsen edited this page Nov 21, 2018 · 3 revisions

While WebCalendar supports more than one event calendar (using public-enabled nonuser calendars), this guide will show you how to setup a single event calendar (which is easier).

  • Install WebCalendar following the procedures in WebCalendar System Administrator's Guide. Important Note: You cannot choose HTTP Authentication during the install if you want to use an event calendar.
  • Login as an admin user. The default admin user after installation has a username of 'admin' and password of 'admin'.
  • From the menu at the top, select the System Settings option from the Settings menu.
  • Click on the Public Access tab.
  • Set this value of Allow public access to Yes.

At this point, your event calendar is now setup. A login will no longer be required. Instead, the first time a user visits the calendar, they will assumed to be an anonymous viewer of your event calendar until they login via the login page.

Important Note: In order for events to appear on the public event calendar, you will need to add the Public User as a participant to each event.

There are quite a few options you can set for your event calendar:

  • Public access visible by default: if you have other users for your WebCalendar installation, setting this to Yes will automatically display all
  • Public access is default participant: If set to Yes then the Public User will be selected by default (as a participant to the new event) when you create a new event.
  • Public access can view other users: When viewing the event calendar anonymously (having not logged in), can you see other WebCalendar users?
  • Public access can add events: Can events be submitted when viewing the event calendar (from a user not logged in)?
  • Public access new events require approval: Do events submitted to the event calendar require approval before they become visible on the event calendar?
  • Public access can view participants: If there are more participants to the event on the public event calendar, can an anonymous event calendar viewer see those other participants?
  • Override event name/description for public access: Should the name and description of the event on the event calendar be altered so that anonymous users cannot set them? This is useful if you want to display something like "Unavailable" instead of the event details on your event calendar.
  • Text to display to public access: If you selected Yes to the above option, this is where you enter the text to display.
  • Require CAPTCHA validation for public access new events: Use CAPTCHA to prevent spam on the form for submitting events to the event calendar. Note: This feature requires the PHP GD library be included in your PHP installation. The WebCalendar installation will indicate whether this library is available on your system.