Piddlepodder is a simple podcatching client written in Perl
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By Craig Maloney

PiddlePodder is a podcatching client written in Perl. It is based off of
the simplicity of bashpodder with a few added features.  It downloads podcasts
from a list of XML feeds, and puts them into a download directory by date.  No
effort is made to copy the resulting files to an iPod, nor will this
application interface with a directory. It's just a simple podcatcher. 

That's it. 

PiddlePodder offers the ability to mark the set of podcasts as current (catch
up). This is handy for first-time users who would otherwise be stuck
downloading every show (sometimes since the beginning of the podcast) which can
lead to hefty download times and large amounts of disk space.

This application requires the following modules to be installed:

* Digest::MD5
* LWP::Simple
* LWP::UserAgent
* Getopt::Long

Copy the file to a location you wish to run. 
Use "chmod 755" to make it executable. 
Configure piddlepodder if necessary. By default the program uses the following

Download are stored in: ~/downloads/ipod
Configuration files are stored in: ~/.piddlepodder

Edit the file if you wish to change the defaults.

Run to create the default configuration directory
(~/.piddlepodder) and the default configuration file

Run again to create the sample feeds file. (Don't worry, I
refrained from putting scads of default feeds that you'll have to delete later
into this file. :) )

Next, place some feeds into ~/.piddlepodder/feeds. 

Here are some samples (OK, I couldn't resist a little promotion)

Finally, run, and enjoy your podcasts. You may also run -c which will "catchup", and will mark the files ready to
download as completed. Running " -c" is highly recommended, as
there could be several gigabytes (terabytes?) of shows ready for download when
first run.

Piddlepodder maintains a file under .piddlepodder called "done" which contains
the list of the URLs it has downloaded. This file is very important to
piddlepodder, and will determine whether a show is downloaded again or not. In
future releases this file will be purged based off of the current feed links.

Piddlepodder 0.3 introduces a new file called "exceptions" under
.piddlepodder.  This file contains regular expressions of files you don't want
to download. Say you're subscribed to a massive information technology feed,
but don't care to listen to a particular topic. assuming they've regularly
named their files with that particular topic, you can add it to the exceptions
file and rest assured you'll never have to download a show about that topic
again. You may want to run piddlepodder with -debug for a while just to make
sure it's running properly.

Please let me know if you enjoy this program, or if you have any patches or