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Plugin to track the character length of textarea and input values.
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jquery.charcount.js is a jQuery plugin for counting character limits of text form elements.

  • configurable maximum length
  • configurable user feedback (by position or custom callback)

Live Demonstration

Click here to view a live demo.

Quick Documentation


options: A set of key/value pairs that configure settings for the plugin. All options are optional.

  • maxLength: (type: Integer, default: 250) Number of characters to limit the field to.
  • position: (type: String, default: "before") Where to position the plugin feedback. Available options are "before", "after", and "none".
  • preventOverage: (type: Boolean, default: true) If true, characters exceeding the set maxLength will be trimmed.
  • classPrefix: (type: String, default: "charcount") This string is prefixed to all classes used by the plugin.


update: Triggered after every update to an element's character count. The current character length and remaining character length (maxLength - current character length) are provided as additional arguments.

charcount: Triggering this event will cause the plugin to update the character count for the element.

Usage Example

	maxLength: 50,
	position: 'after'

//using event to provide feedback
	position: 'none'
}).bind('charcount', function(evt, length, remaining)) { 
	console.log('length: ' + length, 'remaining: ' + remaining);
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