Chrome Extension for disabling possibly distracting YouTube content. Install:
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Tidies up distracting content YouTube tries so very hard to push on to viewers. I made this initially to help myself learn more about programming while on the site. I would often click off the subject I am viewing and be trapped in a loop of Clicking and watching content that is not helping me learn.

The extension tries to fix that and some more. I tried implementing some extra steps to prevent distraction.


  • Blocks out lists of videos on the home page including the word "Recommended"
  • Blocks the Trending page and redirects to the home page if accessed by URL.
  • Cuts out extra stuff from YouTube in the sidebar, (YouTube movies/games/etc.)
  • Tests the recommended videos at the end of a watched video to see if they are actually related.


This only really works if you are subscribed to learning channels.

The site will seem as if it is glitching but this is the extension continuously blocking content. The glitch effect is more of a demonstration of how much recommended content YouTube actually tries to push.