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gophia v0.1.3

Gophia is a Go (golang) binding to the Sophia key-value database (


Before installing Gophia, you need to install Sophia. Download it from, and build.

The makefiles don't include an 'install', so you will need to manually install somewhere where Go can find the headers and the libs. Alternatively, you can set your CGO LDFLAGS and CFLAGS like so:

# My Sophia files installed to /usr/local/src/sophia
export CGO_LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/src/sophia/db"
export CGO_CFLAGS="-I/usr/local/src/sophia/db"	

Once Sophia is installed, Gophia can be installed with go get

Very Important

Sophia does not currently appear to support multi-threading. I'm not totally sure what is meant by this, but it seems to be that deep trouble will occur if using Gophia from multiple goroutings where GOMAXPROCS > 1. We're currently investigating, and might introduce some synchronizing into Gophia to handle multi-threading. For now, assume you will need to implement your own synchronization in multi-threaded situations.


Open the database:

db, err := gophia.Open(gophia.ReadWrite | gophia.Create, "testdb")
// check for errors
defer db.Close()

You're ready to go:

// SetSS sets a string key to a string value.

fmt.Println("one is ", db.MustGetSS("one"))
fmt.Println("two is ", db.MustGetSS("two"))

You can also use a cursor:

// Without a starting key, every key-value will be returned
cur, err := db.Cursor(gophia.GTE, nil)
for cur.Fetch() {
	fmt.Println(cur.KeyS(), "=", cur.ValueS())

Of course it's easy to delete a key-value:


See the documentation for more.


When a Cursor is open, no other access to the database is possible: a Cursor locks the entire db, even from other Cursors.

Therefore, you cannot do anything (Set, Delete, etc) while processing a Cursor. Also, you cannot Close the database util the Cursor is itself closed. NOT CLOSING THE DATABASE CORRUPTS THE DATABASE

In Gophia, this is simplified because you can always Close a Cursor (or Database or Environment) even if it has been previously Closed. This means that you can use the form:

cur, _ := db.Cursor(gophia.GTE, nil)
defer cur.Close()
for cur.Fetch() {
	// ...

If for some reason you exit during the loop, your cursor will still Close, and hence the Database as well. If you continue, your Cursor is manually closed.

Gophia also offers the Database.Each method, which iterates over the key-value pairs passing each to a given function. Each takes care of closing the Cursor when it returns.

You cannot mutate the database while a Cursor is open. The Delete call in this method will throw an error.

cur, _ := db.Cursor(gophia.GTE, nil)
defer cur.Close()
for cur.Fetch() {
	err := db.Delete(cur.Key())
	// err will not be nil here - you are trying to change the 
	// database while a cursor is open

If you don't get this behaviour, please update your Sophia installation (in an old Sophia version, this scenario caused the program to hang).


Gophia is a Go (golang) binding to the Sophia key-value database (




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