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A framework to make life easier when creating Hybrid WebApps with Windows 10
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A framework to make life easier when creating Hybrid WebApps with Windows 10

The framework library currently supports:

  • Simple messaging protocol between web context and host app context
  • Gesture surfacing (swipe, rotate, pinch/stretch) to the host app
  • Error surfacing to the host app
  • Misc DOM helpers

The toolkit library currently provides:

  • Reusable HybridWebView control that simplifies the communcation between web and host contexts
  • Facebook and Google authentication helpers
  • Default loading and offline overlays
  • Imaging helpers (ie: file -> DataURI)
  • Background audio service

If you're new to the framework, the best place to begin is the Getting Started section of the wiki.

Download via NuGet

If you already know what you're doing, grab the NuGet package(s) below and start building!


The framework library, you do all the work to wire it up yourself.

Install-Package HybridWebApp.Framework


The toolkit, contains reusable control(s) and implementations of interfaces defined in the HybridWebApp.Framework project.

Install-Package HybridWebApp.Toolkit

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