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Trellis Ansible role to add custom CA certficates to OpenSSL's trusted store. Ideal for using alongside Digital Ocean managed databases which require SSL/TLS.
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Trells CA Certificates

Trellis Ansible Role to add custom CA Certficates to OpenSSL's Trusted Store. Perfect for using with Digital Ocean Managed Databases which require SSL/TLS connections for MySQL.



Add to requirements

# trellis/galaxy.yml
- name: trellis-ca-certificates
  src: craigpearson.trellis_ca_certificates

Include in provision playbook

To add this functionality on your staging/production servers include this role in trellis/server.yml

# trellis/server.yml
- name: WordPress Server - Install LEMP Stack with PHP 7.3 and MariaDB MySQL
  hosts: web:&{{ env }}
  become: yes
    - { role: common, tags: [common] }
    - { role: sshd, tags: [sshd] }
    - { role: trellis-ca-certificates, tags: [ca-certificates] } # Recommended inclusion point
    - { role: mariadb, tags: [mariadb] }

If you require this functionality on your development server you should also add this to trellis/dev.yml

Set certificates to include

In production we would add to trellis/group_vars/production/main.yml

# trellis/group_vars/production/main.yml
  # Local Source:         trellis/certs/production/example-certificate.crt
  # Remote Destination:   /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/database.crt
  - name: database
    src: example-certificate.crt

Include .crt files

By default this role looks in trellis/certs for your certificates, example:

├── bin/
├── certs/                            # → Source certificates folder
│   ├── development/                  # → Development certificates
│   ├── staging/                      # → Staging certificates
│   └── production/                   # → Production certificates
│       └── example-certificate.crt
└── deploy-hooks/

Now all that's left is to provision

Role Variables

Configure custom certificates

The only variable required for configuration is the certificate trusted source list. This should be placed in trellis/group_vars/{{ env }}/main.yml where {{ env }} is development, staging, or production.

Note: Your source certificate is renamed and placed in the destination as specified in name, example:

# This is an example of possible values, this value defaults to []
  # Local Source:         trellis/certs/{{ env }}/example-certificate.crt
  # Remote Destination:   /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/database.crt
  - name: database
    src: example-certificate.crt
  # Local Source:         trellis/certs/{{ env }}/db-master.crt
  # Remote Destination:   /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/database/master.crt
  - name: database/master
  - src: db-master.crt
  # Local Source:         trellis/certs/{{ env }}/db-slave.crt
  # Remote Destination:   /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/database/slave.crt
  - name: database/slave
  - src: db-slave.crt

Source directory

To store your certificate files in a folder other than trellis/certs/{{ env }}:

# Defaults to trellis/certs/env - where env is development, staging or production
trellis_ca_certificates_local_dir: custom-local-directory/{{ env }}

Remote destination directory

Unless you have configured your remote OpenSSL to look for certs in a different directory you shouldn't need to change this

# Defaults to OpenSSL Trusted store on Ubuntu 18.04
trellis_ca_certificates_remote_dir: /usr/local/share/ca-certificates
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