Working toward a general solution to the creation of composite range maps for higher taxa.
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Wikipeda-range-maps is a small project to automate the compostiting of geographical distribution maps of species.

If you would like to contribute maps, ensure that they fit precisely over BlankMap-World. 
the input for the program is 1-bit colormapped png files. A pixel is white if the species lives in that location, and
black otherwise. The image metadata should state the source, source url, and if the species is aquatic or terrestrial. 
Here is an example:

Source: IUCN
Distribution: water

And another, created from a written description:

Source: Crude wikipedia description.
Distribution: land

You don't need to draw exactly within the landmass or include borders. It's better if you ignore borders: if political
borders change, it should be trivial to update all the maps if they are only represented once (in BlankMap-World).

* Verification with for taxon completeness and validity.
* Automatic cropping.
* Color coding for maps with low degrees of overlap.
* Higher taxa.