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PrintMaster is a quick and easy-to-use web-based printer and consumable management system for IT departments.

Licensed under GPLv3.

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  • List all printers (linkable to web IP interface)
  • Manage consumable stock levels
  • Log consumable installations


alt text


  • Web server (Apache, IIS etc)
  • PHP 5.1+
  • MySQL

Installation (1.4.0+)

  1. Create directory on webserver to store files (configure as virtual host or subdir)
  2. Copy all PrintMaster files to the folder you just created
  3. Change the permissions on the session folder to be writeable
  4. Create a new username and database in MySQL
  5. Import the printmaster.sql file into the new database
  6. Copy inc/config/config.default.php to inc/config/config.php.
  7. Edit inc/config/config.php and add your database details.
  8. Access upgrade.php in a browser to update the database to the latest version. E.g. http://server/printmaster/upgrade.php
  9. Invent your own security (.htaccess, integrated Windows authentication...)

Getting started

  1. Add manufacturers (or import printmaster-manufacturers.sql for most common)
  2. Add printer models
  3. Add consuambles
  4. Add printers


Development takes place on the PrintMaster Trello board.