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Digital edition of Beethoven piano sonatas

This repository is a digital edition of the 32 piano sonatas composed by Ludwig van Beethoven, encoded in the Humdrum file format. Tools for processing the encodings in this format on the command-line can be found online at

The encodings are located in the 'kern' directory. Scans of the source edition can be downloaded from kernScores with this command:

   make reference

Data processing tools and other resources

These digital scores may also be found on the kernScores website:

with mirrors at:

which includes dynamic conversions to other data formats.

The Humdrum Extras command-line programs can download these files from kernScores. A quick method of downloading:

    mkdir -p beethoven/piano-sonatas
    cd beethoven/piano-sonatas
    humsplit h://beethoven/sonatas

To get online access to a single movement, for example to transpose the first movement of the first sonata from F minor to C minor:

   transpose -k c h://beethoven/sonatas/sonata01-1.krn

To interface to the Humdrum Toolkit commands, use the humcat command to download to standard input (the -s option is needed when downloading multiple files):

   humcat -s h://beethoven/sonatas | census -k


The makefile provided in the base directory includes example data processing commands. Type make when in the same directory as the makefile to list commands that can be run with the makefile.

If the command which make reports that the make command cannot be found, then you must install it. In linux, this command might install it:

   sudo apt-get install build-essential
   # or
   sudo yum install build-essential

In OS X Mavericks or later, install the Xcode command-line tools:

   xcode-select --install

In Cygwin on MS Windows, re-run the cygwin install program and make sure that the development tools are included in the installation packages.


Digital edition of L. van Beethoven's piano sonatas in the Humdrum file format.



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