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Contains just the core for the Mocha test runner to work.


  • Suites and Tests
  • Hooks
  • Reporter and Interface


  • Test - Test given code with an assertion
  • Suite - Collection of tests
  • Hook - Functions run at specific times in a test runners lifecycle
  • Reporter - How the output will be presented
  • Interface - Interface methods that will be use e.g. describe and it (alias UI)
  • Runner - A given run of a suite, tests, hooks, reporter etc (uses an instance of a Runnable)

Ignore in this repo

Many core features will be ignored, including:

  • timeout management
  • slow test flagging
  • pending states

MochaJS modules

Some details on the types of modules found inside Mocha.

  • Uses CJS module as core does not support ESM natively yet.
  • Accepts ESM for test files.

3 parts to our /runner


  • Entities required for a test runner
  • Includes: Test, Suite, Hook, Reporter, Interface, Runner, Runnable

Parsing phase

Goal to build a coherent CLI

  • Makes use of yargs
  • Found in Mochas lib/cli
  • Uses Prototype so can chain in ES5-friendly way

Execution phase

  • Relies on mocha instance from parsing phase
  • Creates instance of a Runnable

2 steps for the /runner

1. Parsing phase

  • Create a yars instance and attach commands
  • Uses a child yargs instance for options and checks
  • Runs validation inside a part of these checks
  • If passes above build mocha instance + hands to next phase

Build mocha instance

  • Creates instance of our Root Suite and attaches to this.suite
  • Creates instance of a Reporter and attaches this.reporter (e.g. a function Spec)
  • Based on Interface, binds suite events onto our this.suite.
    • Events are used to bind UI methods to the suite context.
How does the Interface work with our Mocha instance?
  • Each listener is given the params context, file and our mocha instance
  • So on("EVENT_FILE_PRE_REQUIRE") => context.after = ..., context.describe = ..., = ...
  • describe() creates and returns a new Suite via suite.create()
  • it() creates and returns a new Test via new Test()

2. Execution phase

  • Build single array of all files to run
  • Load ESM and CJS files async, emitting event before/after file required
    • NOTE: test files run now building
    • (a) hooks onto suite
    • (b) tests onto a suite
    • (c) suites onto the root suite
  • Run our mocha instance via

  • Create instance of a Runner, add stats collecting
    • on events increment pass/fail/end on runner.stats
  • Create instance of a Reporter via new this._reporter(runner) using the Runner
    • on EVENT_RUN_END run reporter.epilogue() which prints stats found on runner
  • trigger

  • inside the Runner
  • emits EVENT_RUN_BEGIN and the EVENT_SUITE_BEGIN events
  • executes each suite on root suite
  • for each suite run all tests and hooks

See for full a more in-depth code walk-through.


npm run help
npm run test


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