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1 parent 78191ec commit 302da31055c6725f6ae30a2efa2fb1e3385dc15c @marksteward marksteward committed with marksteward Feb 17, 2012
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@@ -279,7 +279,7 @@ <h2 rel="event:agent"><a typeof="foaf:Group" property="foaf:name" rel="foaf:home
<p property="event:Time" class="when">Last Wednesday</p>
- <li typeof="event:Event" id="lnug" about="">
+ <li typeof="event:Event" id="dc4420" about="">
<h2 rel="event:agent"><a typeof="foaf:Group" property="foaf:name" rel="foaf:homepage" href="">DC4420</a></h2>
<p class="who">Security, infosec</p>
<p property="event:Time" class="when">Third/Fourth Tuesday</p>

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