.NET class library for dealing with mapping/geospatial data
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.NET class library for dealing with mapping/geospatial data.

It is possible to create interactive graphical maps in many front end frameworks such as Bing Maps (Silverlight/JavaScript), Google Maps (JavaScript) and Leaflet/MapBox (JavaScript).

The client side implementations vary, but there are common themes especially from a server side point of view.

There are a lot of concepts that be represented in re-usable C# code. For this reason, I have created a class library of ".NET Mapping" objects and helpers, which represent the mapping concepts such as geographical points, bounding boxes, proximities, distance calculation and zoom level calculation.

For an example of converting WKT or Proximity into an Entity Framework query without requiring Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.dll see: http://www.craigwardman.com/Blogging/BlogEntry/spatial-queries-using-entity-framework-without-microsoft-sqlserver-types-dll

For an example of converting WKT or Proximity into an Azure Search query using an object oriented filtering approach see: http://www.craigwardman.com/Blogging/BlogEntry/object-oriented-azure-search-client

Or for plain SQL text (example in CDSA), see: http://www.craigwardman.com/Blogging/BlogEntry/spatial-querying-example-in-cdsa