Script for searching the extracted firmware file system for goodies!
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A simple bash script for searching the extracted or mounted firmware file system.

It will search through the extracted or mounted firmware file system for things of interest such as:

  • etc/shadow and etc/passwd
  • list out the etc/ssl directory
  • search for SSL related files such as .pem, .crt, etc.
  • search for configuration files
  • look for script files
  • search for other .bin files
  • look for keywords such as admin, password, remote, etc.
  • search for common web servers used on IoT devices
  • search for common binaries such as ssh, tftp, dropbear, etc.
  • search for URLs, email addresses and IP addresses
  • Experimental support for making calls to the Shodan API using the Shodan CLI


  • If you wish to use the static code analysis portion of the script, please install eslint: npm i -g eslint
  • ./firmwalker {path to root file system} {path for firmwalker.txt}
  • Example: ./firmwalker linksys/fmk/rootfs ../firmwalker.txt
  • A file firmwalker.txt will be created in the same directory as the script file unless you specify a different filename as the second argument
  • Do not put the file inside the directory to be searched, this will cause the script to search itself and the file it is creating
  • chmod 0700

How to extend

Example Files -!AucQMYXJNefdvGZyeYt16H72VCLv

  • - contains files from random extracted router firmware. Firmwalker can be run against this file system.
  • rt-ac66u.txt - firmwalker output file
  • xc.txt - firmwalker output file from Ubiquiti device

Script created by Craig Smith and expanded by:

  • Athanasios Kostopoulos
  • misterch0c