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Torrent with Privacy |


Encrypted VM (Virtual Machine) (Optional)

Not necessary
e.g. VMWare, Virtualbox, Parallels
Use if you want separation from your daily desktop environment
Encryption and a strong password for extra security
Ensure you have allocated adequate drive space to the VM
Encryption can be implemented via VM host application or VM guest OS

VPN (Virtual Private Network) (Required)

Protection for searches and connecting to your torrent service control panel
e.g. Private Internet Access, ProXPN, etc.
Limited or no logging by the VPN service for maximum privacy protection
VPN service should accept payments via Bitcoin

Torrent service (often called a seedbox) (Required)

Find one you like with the needed storage capacity
e.g. Torrentcloud, Your Seedbox, etc.
Service should accecpt payments via Bitcoin

Anonymous email service (Optional)

Just something good to have for many reasons
e.g. Hide My Ass anonymous email, GuerrilaMail, etc.

Ability to pay with Bitcoin (Optional but recommended)

Again something to have available for a myriad of reasons
Many products and services can be purchased with Bitcoin on the interwebs
e.g. Coinbase, Circle, Blockchain, Strongcoin, local bitcoin wallet, etc.
Mostly anonymous

Downloading completed torrent files (Required)

Typically via http or ftp
Remember to do this while connected to the VPN
Sometimes downloading via http through the browser is slow
Use a command line tool like Axel for multi-threaded and fast downloading