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Customizable Death Knight rune interface
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WoWAce | WoWInterface

Customizable Death Knight rune interface for World of Warcraft


Rune-It-All adds more features and functionality to Blizzard's rune frame, including size, movement, transparency, cooldown text, various art styles, and more.

Rune-It-All does the following:

  • Allows you to scale the size of the runes
  • Allows you to change the transparency in and out of combat
  • Allows you to unlock and lock the runes so that you can move them around
  • Layouts to choose from: Vertical, Horizontal, Up Curved, Down Curved, Vertical Block, Horizontal Block
  • Art to choose from: Default, DKI, Beta, Letter, Beta-Enhanced, Orb, Japanese, Runica
  • Allows you to move the runes individually
  • Has custom cooldown text (includes several options along with it)
  • Has option to show runes (when OOC - and useful when OOC alpha is less than 1) when you use a rune (e.g. Death and Decay OOC)
  • Allows you to increase or decrease the spacing between runes ("padding") Note: only works for Vertical and Horizontal layouts
  • Allows you to configure how the rune bar acts when you enter a Vehicle


Options can be accessed by typing /ria, /runeitall, or /rune-it-all


Thank you to these people who gave me knowledge and insight to keep me going on the right track: _Chloe, slakah, zeksie, KarlKFI, Akryn, arnath2, kollektiv, Parnic, Yivry

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