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[0.3.0] - 2017-03-15

2016-11-30 [desig] new desig type: motion designators

2017-01-05 [desig] in default location resolvers added type check: when calling CURRENT-DESIG make sure that the argument is in fact a desig

2017-03-14 [executive] PERFORM construct for motion and action designators

2017-03-14 [desig] declaration of ACTION-DESIG Prolog rule: if no action designator resolvers are registered one gets a warning that ACTION-DESIG is undefined. Same for MOTION-DESIG prolog rule.

2017-03-15 [desig] when deleting location generator also delete it from disabled list. Solves #1

[0.2.2] - 2016-11-15

2016-03-08 [desig] macros for initializing designators with A and AN: an improved version of old similar macros, but these ones work with nested key-value pairs, nested A / AN calls, and don't use WITH-DESIGNATORS but directly MAKE-DESIGNATOR

2016-03-16 [desig] fixed for the initialization macro: add support for numerical values

2016-07-19 [desig] in desig init macros added support for variables, lexical variables and non-symbol values in variables

2016-07-21 [cram_process_modules] added a small utility function: matching-available-process-modules finds the module to execute an action designator and issues an failure when none found if fail-if-none is set

2016-08-03 [desig] in initialization macros fixed a bug: nested designators were getting one bracket too much.

2016-10-21 Additional logging of task invocation parameters

2016-11-15 bumped ROS package version and cleaned up package.xmls

[0.2.1] - 2016-01-28

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