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The goal of tidytidbits is to complement the environment provided by the tidyverse packages with a set of higher-level functions within the scope of data analysis and plotting.


Install from CRAN:


Or install the latest git version from bitbucket:



The following areas are covered:

  • methods designed for use in a dplyr pipeline
    • formatting columns: format_numbers_at, format_p_values_at, and the corresponding generic tools as_formatted_number, as_formatted_p_value, as_percentage_label
    • adding data analysis results as new columns: count_by, add_prop_test
    • cross tabulation in a pipeline: cross_tabulate
    • lumping rows of a data frame by a count: lump_rows, and the corresponding generic tool lump
    • appending and prepepnding in a pipe with different semantics: append_object, prepend_object
    • lower-level pipeline tools: add_summary, add_summary_by, execute_if, execute_in_pipeline, interlude
  • convenience methos to rename and reorder a factor: rename_reorder_factor, rename_factor, order_factor_by
  • vectorised and non-vectorised methods implementing usefuls notions about NA and logical values: all_or_all_na, any_or_all_na, are_true, equal_including_na, falsy, invalid, true_or_na, truthy, valid
  • vectorised methods dealing with data frame columns potentially containing NA values: first_non_nas, first_not, first_not_na, first_which_not_na, which_non_na
  • a vectorised lookup method for use with dictionary-like vectors: lookup and its type-specific variants
  • some accessors for use with purrr's pluck or the additionally provided pluck_vector: name_contains, named, value_contains
  • generic tools: invert_value_and_names, str_locate_match
  • dealing with sequential duplicates: sequential_duplicates, replace_sequential_duplicates
  • for plotting:
    • conveniently saving a plot from a pipe: save_pdf, save_png
    • convenience methods for safe directory generation: prepare_path, prepare_directory
    • convenience method giving frequently used paper sizes: dinA_format, dinA_height, dinA_width
    • convenience method to create a named palette: named_palette and for creating a qualitative palette with many entries: iwanthue_palette
  • a notion of having a method which provides its local variables for reuse in other methods: local_variables and the corresponding source_variables
  • a python-style tuple-assignment implementation g(a, b) %=% function_returning_vector_of_two_elements()
  • some low-level methods utilizing rlang features: eval_unquoted, expression_list, print_deparsed, quosure_list, symbol_as_quosure, symbol_string_list, syntactically_safe