A month & year only date selector form control for Angular 6+. Support for ngModel binding & Reactive Forms.
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Month & year selector form control for Angular 6+ with support for ngModel binding, Reactive Forms, and Events. ngx-month-year-selector is independent from any UI frameworks (however should be compatible in any UI framework like Bootstrap, Angular Material, etc).

Demo: https://crankedapps.github.io/ngx-month-year-selector/

Getting Started


Install the packaging using npm:

npm install ngx-month-year-selector

Import NgxMonthYearSelectorModule into your app or feature module:

import { NgxMonthYearSelectorModule } from 'ngx-month-year-selector';
  imports: [
export class AppModule { }


ngxMonthYearSelector directive accepts the IMonthYearSelectorOptions options model described below as a value and can be used on any HTML input text element.

<input type="text" [ngxMonthYearSelector]="options">

Reactive Forms

<input type="text" [ngxMonthYearSelector]="options" formControlName="myDate">


<input type="text" [ngxMonthYearSelector]="options" [(ngModel)]="myDate">

Event Emitter

<input type="text" [ngxMonthYearSelector] [(ngModel)]="myDate" (dateSelected)="yourFunction($event)">

Options Model

IMonthYearSelectorOptions interface can be imported from the library:

import { IMonthYearSelectorOptions } from 'ngx-month-year-selector';

It contains the following typed properties:

Property Type Description
closeOnSelect boolean If true, dialog automatically closes after both year & month selection
disabledDates { year: number, month: number }[] Disabled year/month combinations.
disabledDateRanges [{ year: number, month: number }, { year: number, month: number }][] Disabled date ranges. Array of array objects where first element is start date and second element is end date.
format string Format of input value (ex: 'yyyy-mm yy mmm mmmm')
resetYearOnBlur boolean Reset year in when dropdown closes
yearMax number Maximum year allowed
yearMin number Minimum year allowed
yearStart number Year to start on when selector dialog opens

Build Library

  • npm run build:lib build angular library
  • npm run watch:lib build angular library & watch for changes


Use the global styling sheet in Angular to style the element as you wish.