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# Em::Xmpp
-TODO: Write a gem description
+EM::Xmpp is an XMPP client library for EventMachine.
+It uses Nokogiri as an XML parser and XML builder.
+EM::Xmpp provides decorator-style modules in the mean of contexts
+to easily match and reply to stanzas.
## Installation
+### Standard
+ gem install em-xmpp
+### Bundler
Add this line to your application's Gemfile:
gem 'em-xmpp'
@@ -18,7 +27,92 @@ Or install it yourself as:
## Usage
-TODO: Write usage instructions here
+### Connecting to an XMPP server
+Like many EventMachine libraries, you need to first create a module and pass it
+to EM::Xmpp::Connection.start
+When the connection is ready, EM::Xmpp will call :ready on your connection
+object. From that point, you can start handling stanzas.
+### Receiving stanzas
+You can setup handlers for message, presence, and iq with on_message,
+on_presence, and on_iq methods. All these methods take a callback block
+argument. EM::Xmpp will be call-back the block with a Context object. This
+context object helps you while reading the content of a stanza and replying to
+You may have multiple handlers per stanza type and the callback block argument
+must return the same or another context that will be used for further matching.
+This layering lets you write stack-like middlewares where every Context handler
+adds some features/environment-variables to the Context.
+You can call #done! on a Context to notify the stack that you are done with
+this stanza. That is, you do not give a chance to subsequent handlers to match
+on the stanza.
+You can also call #delete_xpath_handler! on a context handler to remove it from
+the stack for the next stanzas. This let you build temporary handlers quite
+Any handler can also throw :halt to interrupt the layering and all the handler
+removal operations. You should read the code to understand well what you skip
+by doing so.
+You can use on(*xpath_args) to build a matcher for any XPath in the stanza.
+The arguments are passed verbatim to Nokogiri. A special argument is
+on(:anything) that will match any stanza (e.g., for logging). This is useful
+to build new decorators for handling a specific XEP (if you do so, please share
+with a pull-request).
+When an exception occurs in a stanza handler, the stack rescues the error and
+runs the Context through a set of exception handlers. To handle exception you
+can use the on_exception(:anything) method.
+See the ./samples directory for basic examples.
+### Sending stanzas
+EM::XMPP for now builds stanzas with Nokogiri::XML::Builder in the form with an
+explicit block argument.
+Then you send raw_strings with Connection#send_raw.
+Note that if you send malformed XML, your server will disconnect you. Hence,
+take care when writing XML without and XML builder.
+Contexts for message/iq/presence provide a "reply" method that will pre-fill
+some fields for you. Otherwise, you can use
+ data = message_stanza('to' => 'someone@somehost') do |xml|
+ xml.body('hello world')
+ end
+ send_raw data
+to send a stanza to someone. Note that since EM:Xmpp sets jabber:client as
+default namespace of the XML stream, you must not set the XML namespace for
+body/iq/presence and all the things that sit in jabber:client namespace. For
+other XEPs, do not forget to set your namespaces.
+The XML::Builder uses method_missing and hence this building scheme may be slow
+if you need a large throughput of outgoing stanzas.
+See the ./samples directory for basic examples.
+## Features and Missing
+This library does not manage the roster for you. You will have to
+do this by hand.
+We do not support but plan to support anonymous login yet.
+We do not support but may support component login in the future.
+SASL authentication uses the ruby-sasl gem. It misses some types of
+authentication (for example, X-GOOGLE-TOKEN).
+This library lets you manage the handling and matching of stanza quite close to
+the wire. .
## Contributing
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ do |gem| = [""]
gem.description = %q{XMPP client for event machine}
gem.summary = %q{Easy to write and to extend XMPP client}
- gem.homepage = ""
+ gem.homepage = ""
gem.files = `git ls-files`.split($\)
gem.executables = gem.files.grep(%r{^bin/}).map{ |f| File.basename(f) }
@@ -19,6 +19,10 @@ module MyClient
def ready
puts "***** #{@jid} ready for #{self}"
+ on_exception(:anything) do |ctx|
+ raise ctx['error']
+ end
on_presence do |s|
p "*presence> #{s.from} #{} (#{s.status})"
send_raw(s.reply('type'=>'subscribed')) if s.subscription_request?

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