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JRuby/Rack/Batik is a JRuby/Rack middleware to convert SVG files to JPG files
on the fly. It does so by using the Batik library
(cf. ).
Batik's JAR is not provided in this distribution and the path to your batik
directory should be added to your JRuby $CLASSPATH before requiring rack/batik.
See the example/ directory.
This middleware intercepts response with 'Content-Type' set to 'image/svg+xml' and does three things:
- change the 'Content-Type' to 'image/jpeg'
- remove the 'Content-Length' header
- change the body of the response with the JPG data
It takes some milliseconds to transcode, do benchmarks before deciding wether or not you should be using this middleware in your application.
Current implementation (relying on stringio) does not work well if the SVG data
is asynchronously feed in chunks because it will flush all of it before
starting the transcoding.
* build a gem
* other output format
* parametrize the middleware
Author: crapooze
License: WTF license.