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A simple utility to help you pack and manage texture atlases for libGDX game framework. It's mostly just a visual wrapper over libGDX TexturePacker and provides some extra features on top of it.

This project is a successor of Aurelien Ribon's application with the whole new GUI and features.

Using the App

Just download the most recent version of the installer/distribution matching your OS from the releases page and follow the installer instructions. Or simply download the distribution files archive, extract, and read ./readme.txt for further details.

System Requirements

The app works on any major desktop OS (Linux, macOS, Windows), where Java is available.

The requirements are as follows:

  1. Java Runtime Environment (JRE 8.0 and up) should be installed on your system (java command is available from the command-line interface).
  2. OpenGL (2.0 and up) compatible video drivers.

All major changes are listed in this file.

Command Line

The app has a headless batch mode that allows automation.

For example, to pack a specific atlases from the project:

gdx-texture-packer --batch --project "/path/to/project.tpproj" --atlases "atlas_name" "another_atlas_name"

Here's also a tool to compress any PNG/JPEG image to a KTX2/Basis texture.

gdx-texture-packer --basis-pack --container ktx2 --format uastc "/path/to/any.png|jpg"

Learn more about CLI options from the help message:

gdx-texture-packer --help


See what features are currently planned on the project's Trello board


New versions come out as soon as the application gets significant new features or important fixes. You can see all available versions from the releases page.

Contribution and Contact

Any contribution is highly appreciated. You can help either by making a PR or reporting bugs/suggestions by creating new issues. If you have any questions/ideas, and you think they don't fit the standard GitHub issue format, you are always welcome to contact me directly at

Also, you can participate in translation. It can be done by translating all the strings in and saving a copy as, where XX is your language code.