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The crash visualvm plugin
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How to build CRaSH visual plugin

Obtaining CRaSH source code

CRaSH visual plugin can be obtained by cloning the Git repository

git clone

Building CRaSH visualvm plugin

CRaSH plugin are built with Maven.

First you need to add two repositories:

      <name>repository hosting api artifacts</name>
      <name>repository hosting 3rd party</name>

Then build the maven project:

mvn clean install -Pcrash-visualvm-repositories

it will produce:

  • plugin/target/crash-visualvm-plugin-<version>.nbm

Deploy visualvm plugin

The plugin repository is github pages, to deploy it:

mvn nbm:autoupdate -Pcrash-visualvm-repositories
git checkout gh-pages
cp target/netbeans_site/* plugin/
git add plugin/crash-visualvm-plugin* plugin/updates.*
git commit -a -m "Deploy new plugin version"
git push origin gh-pages
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