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Crash is an interactive CrateDB command line interface (CLI) SQL shell with autocompletion.
Python Shell
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The CrateDB Shell

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The CrashDB Shell (aka Crash) is an interactive command-line interface (CLI) tool for interacting with CrateDB.


A screenshot of Crash


Python Package

Crash is available as a pip package.

To install, run:

$ pip install crash

Now, run it:

$ crash

To update, run:

$ pip install -U crash

If you are not using Python version 3.4 or above, recent version of pip will only install version 0.23.x. This is because newer versions of this package are not compatible with Python 2.7 or 3.3 and below.


Crash is also available as a standalone executable that includes all the necessary dependencies, and can be run as long as Python (>= 3.4) is available on your system.

First, download the executable file:

$ curl -o crash

Then, set the executable bit:

$ chmod +x crash

Now, run it:

$ ./crash

If you would like to run crash from any directory, and without the leading ./, the file has to be in a directory that is on your PATH.


This project is primarily maintained by, but we welcome community contributions!

See the developer docs and the contribution docs for more information.


Looking for more help?

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