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Developer Guide


This project requires Python 3.4 or greater for development.


To setup the project for local development use virtualenv.

To start things off, run:

$ python3 -m venv env
$ source env/bin/activate

NOTE: you must run these two commands every time you want to build the docs. If you don't, the sphinx-build command will fail.

Then, run:

$ pip install -U setuptools
$ pip install -e .


Mirror the documentation from the CrateDB repository:

$ ln -s ../crate/sql
$ ln -s ../crate/blackbox

These commands assume that your clone of the CrateDB repository is located at ../crate, relative to your clone of the docs theme repository. If this isn't true, adjust the paths.

Now, fake an install of the sphinx-csv-filter package:

$ ln -s ../../../sphinx_csv_filter/src/crate/sphinx src/crate/sphinx

These command assume that your clone of the Sphinx CSV Filter repository is located at ../sphinx_csv_filter, relative to your clone of the docs theme repository. If this isn't true, clone the repository, or adjust the paths.

To build the docs, run:

$ sphinx-build -n -b html -E `pwd`/blackbox/docs `pwd`/out/html

You should now be able to view the built docs, like so:

$ open out/html/index.html

Preparing a Release

To create a new release, you must:

  • Update __version__ in src/crate/theme/rtd/
  • Add a section for the new version in the CHANGES.txt file
  • Commit your changes with a message like "prepare release x.y.z"
  • Push to origin
  • Create a tag by running ./devtools/

PyPI Deployment

To make releases, will need wheel installed:

$ pip install wheel

Clean the dist directory:

$ rm dist/*

To create the package use:

$ python sdist bdist_wheel

Then, use twine to upload the package to PyPI:

$ twine upload dist/*

For this to work, you will need a personal PyPI account that is set up as a project admin.

You'll also need to create a ~/.pypirc file, like so:

index-servers =


Here, <USERNAME> and <PASSWORD> should be replaced with your username and password, respectively.

If you want to check the PyPI description before uploading, run this:

$ bin/py check --strict --restructuredtext